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File:H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse.JPG|thumb|300px|The Superior Court of the District of Columbia is housed in the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse. File:H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse main entrance.jpg|thumb|right|275px|The main court entrance on Indiana Avenue. The '''Superior Court of the District of Columbia''', commonly referred to as '''DC Superior Court''', is the local trial court for the District of Columbia. It hears cases involving Criminal justice|criminal and civil law (common law)|civil law. The court also handles specialized cases in the following areas: family court, landlord and Leasehold estate|tenant, probate, tax, and Traffic ticket|traffic offenses. All appeals of Superior Court decisions go to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. The Superior Court was established by the United States Congress as the trial court of general jurisdiction for D.C. in 1970....
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